Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

Secure your business with best-in-breed file backup and recovery

Today’s businesses rely on data like never before, making its protection essential. From cyber attacks to hardware failure to user error, any threats to data integrity have the potential to devastate your organization. Our file backup and recovery solutions draw on the power of integration to deliver unparalleled data security, protecting your organization’s operational continuity, reputation, and bottom line.

Preserve backup integrity

The world of cyberthreats evolves quickly — so should your approach to file backups. Criminals now target backups specifically in an attempt to prevent easy recovery, increasing their leverage over victims. Our solutions integrate data protection with threat-agnostic cybersecurity, enabling unique interactions like the scanning of backups for malware and ensuring that you’ll always have clean and accessible copies of business-critical data.

Recover within minutes

When disaster does strike, every second counts. Downtime and data loss are expensive prospects for any business, and can lead to lost sales, reputational harm, even regulatory fines. Our solutions cyber protection agent monitors and backs up all changes to critical applications and files in real-time, allowing you to choose a recovery point just seconds before the incident occurred, while Instant Restore enables industry-best RTOs by immediately launching your backup as a virtual machine.


Ensure comprehensive cyber protection

As your employees demand more from their IT services, it’s all too easy to wind up with a complex patchwork of tools — one that’s tough to learn and tough to maintain. Our all-in-one solutions integrate anti-malware protection with data backup and endpoint protection management. This unique approach eliminates protection gaps and enables seamless remediation — no need to juggle multiple solutions.


The future of backup and recovery

We provide a reliable and cost-effective backup and recovery solution to deliver verified, granular recovery of all your critical assets across any environment or application, ensuring you achieve your SLAs and RPO/RTOs.

Modernize your data protection and eliminate downtime with Backup & Replication, the simple, flexible, reliable and powerful solution for protecting your cloud, virtual and physical workloads.

Microsoft Azure, Enterprise Apps, NAS, AWS, Windows, Linux, VMware, Nutanix, Google Cloud

Service Features

  • File Backup and Recovery

  • Backup & Replication

  • Office 365 Backup

  • Data loss prevention (DLP)

  • Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

  • Ransomware Protection

  • Patch Management

  • Data Security & Compliance

How We Do It

Our Partners

We have built trusted, strategic partnerships with all leading network vendors to offer and support their products and services in our markets. Such products and relationships provide Hynex Technologies complimentary expertise and an enriched knowledge for more informed and complete solution offering to our customers.

Hynex Technologies

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