Repair & Maintenance

Businesses and home users depend on computers in increasing ways every day. Even a minor computer problem disrupts our life and hampers business activities. With the constant development of new technology, there also comes many technical problems like spyware attacks on computers, virus infections, network issues, and other software and hardware failures. To fix these issues you need  fast and efficient computer technicians.

Hynex Technologies provides efficient hardware repair and maintenance of PC, Servers, Laptops, Storage Equipment, MFP’s, Printers, Plotters, Scanners and IT support for ALL major brands of IT hardware. We offer a wide variety of plans and IT service options custom tailored to your needs.

To ensure uninterrupted and continuous business activity, with all of our clients we utilize a proactive approach to computer maintenance. Our computer experts will do everything possible to prevent any computer issues and saver your time and money.

10-Years Experience in Computer, Plotter & Printer Repair

For over 10 years, the team at Hynex Technologies has worked with small, mid-sized and large businesses located throughout the country to reduce the cost of computer maintenance and printer repair.  We repair large and small printers and plotters through on-site service or through a “ship-in” depot printer repair service for the smaller more portable devices, including laser printers.  Our technicians have extensive repair experience and we carry a large inventory of spare parts, offering IT service levels up to 24/7.

We provide installation, upgrades and maintenance for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Ubuntu

We offer diagnostic, repair and upgrade services for your IT equipment and devices, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Monitors, ATM Monitors, Mobile Devices, Tablets, LCD Projectors, POS Systems, Power Supply Units, Ink and Laser Printers

Why Choose Hynex Technologies for your IT equipment maintenance?

  • Certified repair technicians
  • Dedicated and experienced repair technicians
  • Local parts inventory
  • Technical IT Support help-desk available
  • Reduce your fixed-cost of your IT equipment maintenance

We can offer a wide choice of knowledge and service, covering all fields related to IT Equipment maintenance. Whenever you experience computer hardware, software or printer issues , Hynex Technologies IT support team will quickly determine cause and find a solution to your problem.

Service Features

  • PC/Laptop Repair Services and Troubleshooting

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Hardware Repair Services/ Upgrades / Installation

  • Software Upgrades / Installation

  • Operating System Installation /Updates

  • Hardware Upgrades / Replacement

  • Networking/ Wired / Wireless Networking

  • PC Technical Support

  • Printer Setup / Installation

  • Printer / Scanner Repairs

How We Do It

Our Technology Partners

We have established relationships and partnerships with all the world’s biggest vendors and distributors to offer and support their products and services in our markets. Such relationships provide Hynex Technologies complimentary expertise and an enriched knowledge for more informed and complete solution offering to our customers.

Hynex Technologies

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Other Services

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  • Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

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