IT Networking

Enabling connected business outcomes

The network is at the core of our customers‘ business. It connects people, data, and things as they work to deliver business outcomes. Evolution of network architecture is constant and rapid, harnessing the power of automation and AI. Network automation and the move to software lead to a new network architecture which can increase scalability, realise standardisation to speed up processes, reduce human failure and reduce costs of operation.

The network is no longer invisible

There are more components than ever to connect, whether standard devices within the organisation’s policy, or those brought by the end user; this requires a certain flexibility. Employees may be mobile and work from multiple locations, such as the office, their home, their customers’ offices or from airports or train stations while travelling. And they all expect the network to simply work.

At Hynex Technologies, we drive network evolution. We leverage our global networking capability alongside powerful partnerships to source, transform, and manage the best network solutions for our customers‘ needs. This enables them to focus on achieving their business goals. The network is no longer invisible; it contributes to the business performance. ​

We ensure your networks aren’t just up and available, but are also providing the best user and operator experiences. That’s Experience-First Networking through wired and wireless access, Session SmartSD-WAN, automated WAN backbone, and the cloud-ready data center.

Connected Security safeguards users, applications, and infrastructure by extending security to every point of connection, from client to cloud, across the entire network. We offer Next-Generation physical, virtual, and container Firewalls to protect your entire network be on-premise or cloud.

Devices Might Be Complex But Monitoring Them Can Be Simple

Today’s networks include complex devices that play key roles in the network but can be challenging to monitor and manage. It’s time to get deeper visibility into critical network switches, firewalls, and load balancers. Gone are the days of being left in the dark, only able to monitor up/down status.

How we make network management look easy:
  • Get end-to-end visibility into the health and performance of on-premises, hosted, and cloud infrastructure with a modular, scalable monitoring platform
  • Easily understand the delivery health of cloud services with critical path hop-by-hop analysis and visualization all along the delivery path
  • Quickly see maps of network connections, dependency relationships, and topology information—built automatically
  • Gain better understanding of whether complex network devices are performing as expected
  • Know who and what’s connected to your network, and when and where they’re connected
  • Be prepared to recover quickly from hardware faults and human errors with automatic backups
  • Help ensure devices are configured and operating in compliance with regulatory standards such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and more
  • Plan for the future with capacity forecasting and EOS/EOL tracking

Service Features

  • Data Centre & Cloud Networks

  • Network Management, Visibility, and Analytic

  • Industrial Networks

  • Network Security

  • Local & Wide Area Networks

  • Network Automation

  • Wireless Networks

How We Do It

Our Partners

We have built trusted, strategic partnerships with all leading network vendors to offer and support their products and services in our markets. Such products and relationships provide Hynex Technologies complimentary expertise and an enriched knowledge for more informed and complete solution offering to our customers.

Hynex Technologies

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