Video Security & Access

Making the World Safer and Smarter with Surveillance and Access Control

Surveillance recording and analytics are helping to make the world safer through loss prevention, access control, and other forms of physical security. And surveillance is everywhere – in fact, surveillance cameras are now the biggest data generator in the world. Increasing camera counts, higher resolutions, and analytics are putting tremendous demands on security infrastructures, driving needs for more scale, more performance, and the latest technologies.

Whether you are looking for a cost-effective network video recording server (NVR) for just a few surveillance cameras, or a massive shared storage deployment for tens of thousands of cameras, Hynex Technologies employs the latest technology to provide the best solution for your needs.

Our Security Solutions comprise a range of products from analogue security cameras and video management software through to state-of-the-art IP technology such as Full HD cameras and network video recorders, Access Control and Thermal Imaging.

Comprehensive portfolio of Security products

We have the capability to offer complete security solutions for any business, regardless of sector, thanks to an ever-improving selection of products. Both our analogue range and IP range include dome cameras, fixed cameras, video recorders and system controllers, and an array of optional extras such as brackets, mounts and covers.

We also supply a wealth of monitoring and management software and accessories – from monitors to recording and client software – plus our encoders and decoders offer hybrid solutions providing a smooth migration from an analogue to IP system.


Focus on the events that matter most.

Security solutions, powered by AI, that make your system smarter and your response times faster. Our video security, video analytics and access control solutions are designed to provide you with the right information at the right time — allowing you to focus on accurate verification and fast response so you can take decisive action. 

Explore our video security and analytics products

Whether you are looking to deploy a new video security solution, equip your team with body-worn cameras or leverage analytics through purpose-built applications, we have solutions to meet your needs.


Service Features

  • Interactive Video Monitoring

  • Local, Network and Cloud-based Video Storage Options

  • IP, Analog and Hybrid Video Surveillance Camera Systems

  • Integration with Intrusion Systems & Access Control

  • Video Alarm Verification

  • Advanced Video Analytics Capabilities and Reporting

  • Video Surveillance and Management Software

  • Real-time video through mobile app

The Advantages of a Video Surveillance System

Reduce Loss

A video surveillance system can help reduce business loss due to theft or vandalism by preventing incidents from occurring.

Enhance Safety

Create a safer environment for your staff, customers and visitors with video surveillance..

Gain Visibility

Gain visibility into what’s happening at your business, which provides you with better information and improved security.

Improve Operations

Leverage the video data and insights you gather from video surveillance to help increase operational efficiencies.

Receive Alerts

Motion detection in your security cameras will send you real-time notifications, so you can see what’s happening when you’re not present.

Document Events

Access video, images and long-term archives of your video footage for increased visibility into security events.

Hynex Technologies

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  • Video Security & Access

    Making the World Safer and Smarter with Surveillance and Access ControlSurveillance recording and analytics are helping to make the world safer through loss prevention, access control, and other forms of


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